Honda CBF 125 Starting problem

Honda CBF 125 Starting problem

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I got my bike yeasterday, and as I was starting it, it didint start, so one guy shows me that you have to use sometimes the throttle, didint really explained why... And so as a newbie, I thought well maybe its supposed to be like that, and im like wrummm wrummm... yeah its nice to start it like this.
Today I turned it on again with the throttle, let it warm up for around 1-2minute. And I took off. after 10min riding first time to work and missing all the streets and turns I shouldn't have, I somehow stalled the bike in the allay I was turning around, and it started maybe after 15+times. After that, I stopped near my work, and went to park it to parking area, and I literally struggled about 2-3 minutes, I thought its done.... I was even moving the bike like wake up you bast*rd. And it magicly started but I dont think its have to be like this no?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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