Stabbing a tire

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Stabbing a tire

Messaggioda ClintBarton » ven giu 08, 2018 11:49 am


Has anyone ever stabbed a fully inflated tire with a folding knife? I was just watching a movie where someone had stabbed a tire to keep the bad guys from following him and it got me thinking about it. I don’t think a Gayle Bradley, Military, Manix2 or any of those guys would have a problem but I’ve never done it. Normally I have the Sage 1 on me. I have no reason to think it would fail but the liners on that knife aren't the thickest in the world. I also have no reason to think I’ll ever need to stab someone’s tire but that need would present itself way before I would ever need to stab the hood or door. I think I’m covered either way because I do have a Ladybug on order. I also thought the shape of the blade might play a big part. If there is a lot of curve in the spine like a warncliff that may make the blade want to fold closed. A shape where the edge curves up to a straight spine I think would puncture better. Any thoughts or better yet, experience?

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Re: Stabbing a tire

Messaggioda LerodManji » gio mag 21, 2020 5:38 am

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